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Care Service / Staffing Manager

USD $75,000

Temporary to Permanent

George Town, Cayman Islands

Job Description

Care Service / Staffing Manager

The post of Care / Service Staffing Manager requires the successful applicant to be a licensed Registered Nurse, as the individual will be responsible for the management and supervision of all Nurses and Caregivers and oversee the in-home care provided by all Nurses/Caregivers, as well as the evaluation and assessment of patients and their needs. Plan and employ traditional sourcing strategies and resources, as well as to develop new and creative recruitment ideas to ensure the company hires the most capable, qualified and experienced Caregivers and Nurses.


  • Develop, execute and deliver the best in the in-home Care service business
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with relevant Medical entities, Government Departments and local businesses and charities, for the purpose of bringing awareness of available Nurses and Caregivers
  • Network through industry contacts, Association Memberships, Trade Groups and relevant stakeholders
  • Work with Management to build the internal recruiting team to support the strategic objectives of the company
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing training programme for all Nurses and Caregivers and provide initial and recurring training on a regular basis
  • Manage and supervise the day to day operation of the business as it pertains to the provision of in-home care for the sick, the incapacitated and the elderly, as well as the management of staff
  • Work with the Managing Director to develop business and client relations
  • Fill requested bookings for in-home care efficiently and effectively
  • Provide supervision all support staff and evaluate patients’ needs
  • Develop a pool of qualified nurses, clinical supervisors, and caregivers in advance of need
  • Build and maintain working relationships with Government and medical entities in respect of healthcare prevention

Required Skills and Experience:

  • A practicing Registered Nurse with a minimum of 10 years prior management experience in home &/or the community health care, a Bachelor’s Degree or a medical education background
  • Ability to maintain situations in a professional and tactful manner
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications

Salary: US$70,000 - 80,000 + statutory benefits. 

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