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Insurance Manager

USD $150,000


George Town, Cayman Islands

Job Description

Earn up to $150K US tax free.   Our client is looking for a seasoned professional to take over as the In-house Insurance Manager for the day to day operations of their Client Insurer to help fulfil their financial, legal, and regulatory obligations in the Cayman Islands.


This role requires the ability to maintain records in the Cayman Islands, liase with CIMA and any other regulatory bodies on a regular basis, ensure that the Client Insurer remains in compliance with the regulatory environment and act as consultant and advisor regarding insurance matters.



- An accounting degree such as a CPA, CA, FCA, ACA

- Prior experience as an Insurance Manager and knowledge of lines of Health and Insurance a must. 

- Strong understanding of CIMA's legal and regulatory requirements under the under the Cayman Islands Insurance Law.


• Act as principal point of contact between the Client Insurer and CIMA. It is the responsibility of the Insurance Manager to: 

• Keep CIMA updated in relation to the Client Insurer and to respond, in a timely manner, to any questions from CIMA related to the Client Insurer.

• Timely submission of applicable prudential reports, financial statements and statistical returns on behalf of the Client Insurer to CIMA

• Timely payment of the Client Insurer’s license fees to CIMA

• Responsible for submitting requests for CIMA's approval for change of shareholders, directors, managers or officers of the Client Insurer

• Responsible for submitting requests for CIMA's prior approval, or notifying CIMA, of a change in the business plan of the Client Insurer

• Informing CIMA of any legal or regulatory breaches of the Client Insurer whether in the Cayman Islands or abroad

• Monitor the capital and solvency positions of the Client Insurer to meet legal and regulatory requirements

• Meet with CIMA to provide assistance in respect of the Client Insurer.

• Act as consultant and advisor regarding insurance matters

• Verify that the Client Insurer remains in Compliance with regulatory environment

• Policy administration

• Assist with the administration of reinsurance protection

• Monitor the payment from the Client Insurer’s funds for all debts and other liabilities

• Maintain records in the Cayman Islands for the Client Insurer

• Maintain knowledge of the law and regulatory framework

• Maintain access to the Client Insurer’s business to ensure that the Insurance Manager is able to access and preserve accurate and adequate records of the Client Insurer

• Provide necessary information regarding applicable legislation and regulatory measures to the Client Insurer, together with timely updates on any changes

• Provide and explain any other information reasonably necessary for the Client Insurer to comply with legislation and regulatory measures

• Ensure that Client Insurer understand their financial, legal and regulatory obligations


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Angie Baraud

1 345-769-1781


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